A WOMAN was refused a partial refund on her weekly bus ticket after buses were suspended due to recent bad weather.

April Holmes says the refusal is unfair as she was unable to use the ticket.

However, a spokesman for First Buses said the company was surprised to receive the refund request and will not pay the money back.

Mrs Holmes lives in Linden Road and relies on the buses to make a journey to and from her shift work at Regents Care Home in St John’s.

She buys a £14 weekly ticket to cover the cost of her weekly bus journeys.

The 55-year-old said she was on a shift last Thursday when colleagues told her the buses had been suspended, after the heavy snowfall.

Mrs Holmes said: “I got a taxi home, it cost me £10.” She was due to work her next shift on Saturday but was unable to make it in after realising the buses were suspended all day.

Mrs Holmes said: “I asked my husband, Norman, to see if I could have a partial refund - like they do with trains. He called on Monday and after waiting 45 minutes, they said simply they don’t refund on tickets and we would have to do it as a complaint.

“I’m obviously not blaming First Buses for suspending buses, but it is just the fairness. They are adamant they don’t refund, but £14 is a lot of money to me. I’m doing 21 hours a week, and I’m only on minimum wage.

“Myself and my husband don’t drive, so I have to rely on the buses. This makes me lose faith.”

Sarah East, head of operations, First Worcester, apologised for any inconvenience but added: “Our drivers did a fantastic job keeping our buses running for as long as they did and received many commendations from customers for their efforts in getting them to their destinations and keeping them safe.

“I am surprised that a request has been forwarded to refund a journey that did not run due to the heavy snow fall, as this is totally out of our control and not something we can be held responsible.

"On this basis, we will not be offering a refund."