NINETEEN children who were either disadvantaged, had special needs, were disabled or falling behind academically left a Worcester high school the year it was put into special measures.

Ofsted inspectors have revealed that the pupils - all in Year 11 - at Bishop Perowne CE College were removed from the school roll last year.

According to inspectors, it meant that the progress of these pupils would not have been reflected in the school's data.

In a recent monitoring report, inspector Dan Owen said: "It is not possible for inspectors to say what impact this off-rolling had on the school's progress scores.

"However, almost all of the pupils removed from the roll were disadvantaged, had SEN and/or disabilities, or low prior attainment."

Last summer, the school reported that it had improved its GCSE results with headteacher Mark Pollard describing the school as achieving its "best ever results."

Mr Pollard said the 19 students had either moved to another school or their parents had taken the decision to home-school their child.

He said: "These students are no longer at Bishop Perowne due to now attending an alternative local provision, or elective home education through parental choice.

"This is not something that is unusual to our school, or other local schools, and the inspectors were more than happy with our explanation, however it is something that is expected to be reported upon."

The Merrimans Hill Road school was found inadequate by Ofsted inspectors, following an inspection in February 7 and 8 last year.

However, the latest monitoring report says that leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures and that the school now had an effective action plan on how to improvements.

Last year, Year 11 pupils had made progress in line with other pupils nationally, with similar starting points.

Pupils had made better progress in English, science, religious education and ECDL (The European Computer Driving Licence) but attainment in maths stayed "significantly" below the national average.

Progress in languages deteriorated and was weak and there was a lack of consistency across groups of pupils and subjects.

Overall, disadvantaged pupils improved in 2017, however their results remained below other pupils nationally with similar starting points.

Mr Pollard said: "We’re pleased the report included many positive comments and that the inspectors recognised the progress the school has made in the last year.

"Everyone is committed to continuing to improve the educational experience and outcomes for all students at Bishop Perowne CE College."

The monitoring inspection was held on January 30 and 31 and published Monday, March 5.