AN AUTHOR has launched her own book publishing business based in Malvern.

Suz Korb has set up Ink Hills, and told the Worcester News: “The name is inspired by the area, because of Malvern Hills, and the ‘ink’ is because of writing – although I do get some enquiries about tattoos!”

The 42-year-old started self-publishing her novels in 2009 and is now helping other authors to publish their work, and collaborating with many of them on projects.

“I get to work with lots of authors,” she said. “I work closely with them – sometimes on collaborations, which is really fun.”

When it comes to pushing her writers to produce the goods, Suz is fairly laid back.

“They make up their own deadlines,” she said. “However, the authors I’m working with are very prolific and very fast. They can finish a novel around every two months. They actually write faster than they would if they had a deadline.”

Suz was born in Hawaii and grew up in Utah in the US, but has lived in Malvern since 2001. She says that despite it being “freezing cold here” the beautiful surroundings inspire her writing: “I love the hills, I walk them every day. All of my books are based in Malvern at some point in the book, some are entirely based in Malvern."

As a writer, her main genres are romantic comedy, science fiction and teen adventure, and she has several books in the works: “With my new publishing company, I am collaborating with a fellow author to write a historical thriller, and I’m also writing a Vegan recipe book. On my own I have a romantic comedy coming out, and it’s about app dating and Tinder. I dated on Tinder for a while. The book isn’t about my personal experiences, but I definitely gained some perspective. I kept a personal diary about my app dating, so I structured some of it around that. It’s a romantic comedy so it has a happy ending, but of course there are the ups and downs that you get with any kind of dating."

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