SIR – We the tax/ratepayers financed the pedestrianisation of our city centre including the lowering of kerbs, permitting parents with buggies, the elderly and disabled ease of access to pavements!

However, what is discovered when these groups utilise footpaths, vehicles parked, resulting in these vulnerable people, little alternative but take to the highway.

In this Health and Safety-conscious environment we live in, bright yellow apparel as become the norm, issued to road workers especially.

Presumably a risk assessment has been conducted, advocating high visibility clothing, due to their close proximity to passing traffic.

Using this criteria, does a member of the public forced to leave a congested pavement, possibly with children, constitute an acceptable risk?

We frequently hear from those in local government about their efforts to make Worcester eco-friendly, now with the introduction of electric motorcycles.

Will this permit their riders to utilise former pedestrianised areas, including footpaths as we persistently witness, being informed the present law is now unenforceable.

I believe these so-called ‘green activist’ councillors should consider their position at the next elections and the concerns of the silent majority.

After all, the most ecological form of transportation is on foot.