AFTER a couple of unsuccessful trips to other pubs in the area I settled on visiting The Talbot.

The Chestnut, in Lansdowne Road, was closed when I arrived (at 1.30pm) and the The Swan Inn does not serve food.

I was looking forward to sampling the food at The Chestnut, which is run by legendary landlord Colin 'Mad Pierre' Robinson's.

Still, I was greatly relieved when I walked into The Talbot and spotted a menu, knowing that I would finally be able to get a meal.

And what a meal it was.

Scanning the menu, I was torn between lamb shoulder, at £11.99, pork belly, for £9.99, and the rib-eye steak.

As the lamb and pork came with mashed potato - not my cup of tea - I opted for the beef.

All of the prices on the menu were reasonable and so I decided to splash £12.99 on the 10oz rib-eye steak, knowing that I would probably get more than my money's worth.

The meal came with peas, onion rings, fries and a delicious garlic and lemon sauce.

I also chose a pint of 6X, by Wadworth brewery, from the pub's selection of ales, at a cost of £2.90.

Shortly after ordering, the meal arrived at my table and I tucked in with my steak knife.

The meat was pink and tender and went perfectly with the creamy sauce, which had a herb flavour and citrus aftertaste.

The fries were also lovely and crisp, with a soft inside.

My pint of 6X had a bitter and smooth taste and went perfectly with the meal.

The Tudor Revival exterior entices you into the pub from outside.

As you enter the pub you walk under a large old street lantern and the board next to the door outlines the opening hours.

The interior of the pub was cosy and well protected from the busy road outside, with little noise getting in.

The warm lighting inside provided a calm atmosphere and turned the establishment into a little getaway from the stress of life outside.

Regulars in the pub were reading newspapers and talking about football and seemed friendly to new visitors.

The staff were also very friendly and the barman enquired how my meal was while I was eating.

At a total cost of £17.38 I can wholeheartedly recommend visiting The Talbot and plan to return in the near future.