A £30 million greenhouse to produce tomatoes in Pershore and put the town "on the map" will be built after planners gave it the green light.

The application by Evesham Vale Growers at Rotherdale Farm, Long Lane, Tilesford, Pershore pledges to create 100 new jobs, but there were concerns by local residents at the traffic it could create.

The mammoth 142,596 metres glasshouse, includes 3,488 square metres of offices and a plant room along with the provision of up to five bungalows for horticultural workers.

It also includes infrastructure such as a buffer tank for heating and water tanks for irrigation.

Peter Baven, of Evesham Vale Growers said: "This is a development of in excess of £30million.

"It will be the largest high-tech facility of its type in the United Kingdom and it will really put the vale of Evesham on the map.

"It will bring 100 on-site jobs and 30 off-site jobs.

"We have spent two years perfecting this plan.

"It will make a limited impact on traffic movements in the road."

Juliet Burnham of Bishampton and Throckmorton Parish Council said that a more thorough report from county highways was needed before the application could go ahead.

Cllr Liz Tucker, the ward councillor added: "When the green houses were built in Fladbury, the developer had to install a new roundabout and this is much much bigger than that development.

"They have not even needed to lower hedges so that drivers can see as they are coming out.

"You can see in a lorry but not whilst driving a car, without sticking your nose out."

Councillors heard from a representative of Worcestershire Highways that traffic on the road would increase by approximately 2.3 percent once the application goes ahead.

Cllr Rob Adams said: "I really feel for the people of these local parishes. A small part of Long Lane is in my patch as a county councillor.

"The problem is we cannot ask the developer to fix what is already wrong.

"I think this is a positive application, as the vale has rather lost its way and this could give it a key role in tomato production as this developer is clearly going places."

The councillors unanimously voted in favour of the application.