MORE than 2,000 people, some who queued for hours, turned out to buy sweet treats from social media phenomenon Mr Tee King Of Desserts.

The entrepreneur, who sells ice cream and other desserts from a van, appeared unannounced at the B&M store car park in Droitwich on Saturday (March 10) at 5.30pm, serving customers until 9pm.

Mr Tee, whose real name is Tee Smith, said “It was absolutely amazing, the turn out was in excess of 2,000 people, it was crazy. There were people waiting for us to get off the motorway – we didn’t tell anyone the location, but somehow they knew and there were hundreds of people already there.

“We came to Worcester about three weeks ago but it was nowhere near as big because it was our first time in the area. But now that the word has travelled there were so many people.”

Mr Tee King of Desserts, originally from Bolton, has been operating for three years and has over 93,000 likes on Facebook.

He has appeared at various places across the Midlands, surprising locals by only letting them know the location 30 minutes before arriving.

Mr Smith said that the appeal of the business is the quality of the products and the “novelty experience.”

“We started doing national visits a year-and-a-half ago. I think people like it because it’s the novelty, people like to take selfies with me, and its a bit different.

“Also it’s not every day, it’s about once every six weeks as opposed to your regular ice cream van who is there every day.”

Despite the queue, many enjoyed Mr Tee’s visit. Lyndsey Ingram commented on Facebook: “It was worth the hour wait. Gorgeous ice cream and waffle.”

Mr Tee apologised about the waiting times on Facebook later on, saying: “Many thanks to all that visited us tonight.We apologise about the queuing times. We sincerely hope you all enjoyed your treats. Till the next time, see you later.”

Mr Tee King Of Desserts intends to return to the area soon, he said.