SIR – I could use so many cliches, glass houses and stones, kettles and pots, but shooting oneself in the foot is probably the most apt.

Obviously Mr Max Burgess was not aware that the article concerning the wearing of real fur by Julia Williams at the same race meeting he is so concerned about was appearing in the same edition as his letter.

How the veggies and vegans can possibly complain in the same newspaper regarding animal cruelty in cases which are so different I do not know.

While is really is very sad when horses or injured or killed at a race meeting it must be said that no one takes it harder than the jockeys, owners and trainers who take the utmost interest in the horses welfare.

Much less so I think in the case of those who supply real fur to the fashion industry, they neither know or much less care how the unfortunate animal meets its demise.

The only interest they have is the profit to be made from the fur, no matter how it is achieved.