SIR – Your article about the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) fielding its first candidate in this year’s city council elections prompted lots of online debate.

As the candidate I’m really pleased that the important issue of equality is getting an increasingly high profile and many of those who commented on the article raised some helpful and interesting points.

But some missed the key issue; WEP is committed to equality of all.

That doesn’t mean a sinister takeover of politics by men-hating feminists – it simply means that we believe that politics doesn’t, at the moment, fairly represent half the population.

We’d like to see more women in politics so there’s a louder and clearer voice for the issues that we know both men and women care about – fairness, equal access to services, equal pay, childcare and investment in the things that really make a difference to peoples’ lives, homes, education and social care.


WEP candidate, Bedwardine ward