SIR – I don’t think the Army would thank you for suggesting that unstable, violent people would find an outlet there for their aggression (Fights ruin nights out in the city, March 26).

The Army wants to recruit mature young people who can exercise self control and who are numerate, literate, and have the capacity to learn technical skills.

They are not seeking to recruit ‘drunken idiots’.

As far as Worcester’s night time mayhem is concerned a better response might be vigorous efforts to enforce all aspects of the Licensing Act 2003, and prosecutions where an intoxicated person has been sold alcohol on licensed premises, an offence under that Act.

Hard to prove in some cases perhaps, but a constructive start.

At the moment that kind of action seems to have been filed away under “too difficult”, but hand-wringing won’t be enough if citizens want to see an improvement in Worcester’s night life.