A SOCIAL media savvy butcher has shot to local fame by giving away free meat on Facebook.

Michael Jacob, the owner of D&M Meats, presents live giveaways on Facebook twice a week at his shop in Weir Lane, Worcester.

Mr Jacob can be seen pacing up and down the store in the videos, speaking to the camera while holding various packets of meat.

In the broadcasts he encourages viewers to post comments such as 'I want that chicken' and 'I want that beef' in order to win prizes.

One live broadcast on Wednesday received more than 19,000 views and 5,500 comments.

Mr Jacob, aged 43, from Rushwick, near Worcester, said: "It's never thought out, we start filming and it goes from there.

"There's always someone in the shop when we do it.

"It's getting people to come back into butcher shops to buy the meat... rather than going to a chain and throwing it in the trolley like a tin of beans.

"The live videos we have only just started. I've been in everyone, pretty much. No one else seems to want to do it.

"A lot of people when I go somewhere say I recognise you from somewhere.

"We do Wednesday and Friday giveaways. We will have given away about a tonne of meat in the last five weeks."

Mr Jacob said he and a colleague pick random names from the comments section to select the winners.

He added that people are over-the-moon when they visit the shop to claim their free cuts.

The weekly giveaways started with Mr Jacob's first Facebook Live broadcasts about five weeks ago.

He is using the money he previously spent on Facebook advertising to cover the cost of the meat lost in the giveaways.

He added: "We are giving away £300 of meat a week. That's a lot less than we were spending in advertising. It gets people in the shop."

Mr Jacob said he will stop the broadcasts when they no longer excite viewers.

D&M Meats will also offer giveaways at its new shop in Hereford, which will open in the next four to five weeks.

To see some of Mr Jacob's live videos visit his page on https://www.facebook.com/DandMMeats/

Or you can see one of his videos on the Worcester News website www.worcesternews.co.uk