So, in the end it wasn't "Woahhh, Jeremy Corbyn" but "Nooo Jeremy Corbyn" as the Absolute Boy (tm) decided to be somewhere else on Tuesday. Which is a shame because it would have been a total lol to see someone from Lyppard Hub barring his way.

(Editor: I think you're meant to say: because we wanted to quiz him on policy to ensure the Worcester electorate is the best informed in the country)

Oh, yes, that. He hopes to come back, but why did he blow us out in the first place? A violent crime conference is the official answer, but I reckon he just took the hump at a, shall we say, precipitate tweet. I know whom I'm blaming.

While we're at it, we had absolutely eagle eyes on Brandon Lewis as he walked past the Guildhall and were deperate for him to set foot inside...but no. And while he chose choc n' nut ice cream, Councillor Chris Mitchell had Oreo crunch.

Fancy a walk with your dog while discussing dialectical materialism? Who doesn't? If you're of a leftish bent, the Labour party is organising a walk (dogs optional) along the riverside from Diglis on Sunday.

Sounds lovely - though I wonder if some in the party, particularly the candidates, might prefer if members and supporters and their dogs got some exercise my walking the city's streets, delivering leaflets and knocking on doors.

(As an aside what's a Labour dog? A labrador, being Spanish for 'labourer' sound like it should be but, no, not really. A red setter perhaps?)

MP Robin Walker's been off for a couple of weeks on paternity leave, changing nappies (we hope, stern look) and getting more muslin cloths. (Muslins feature heavily in the lives of new parents, I'm told).

We hope he's had a good break because he's back at the office in DExEU on Monday.

Where he'll be dealing with the sleepless nights, and the crying screaming red-faced creatures who really really want something, but don't know what it is and can't tell you anyway. And there are piles of the umm, brown stuff to deal with daily.

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