A VILE smear campaign linking the Labour Party to paedophiles has returned to Worcester for a third time, with the city council branding it "deplorable".

Over the last few days stickers have been discovered on fishing signs along Worcester riverside, including Hylton Road, and on route from Worcestershire County Cricket Club in New Road to Lower Wick.

The stickers appear to have been put up to coincide with May's local elections.

Councillor Joy Squires, chairman of the environment committee at Worcester City Council, said: "It is deplorable that certain individuals from the far right seek to poison Worcester’s local elections with this smear campaign."

The stickers, which have been spotted in St John's, feature details of a website featuring court cases for child sexual offences involving former Labour councillors nationwide.

One member of the public in Worcester, who asked not to be named, said: "I don't think it was a pleasant thing to be advertised. Somebody has obviously got a grudge.

"There's lots of these stickers along the river bank in Worcester on the way to Lower Wick - surely they should be removed."

The stickers are similar to the ones which former British National Party activist Carl Mason claimed to have printed off and given to family and friends in 2016, which led to him being questioned by police.

Previously, Mr Mason distanced himself from it by saying he had "no idea" who was putting them up.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said they will send a maintenance team to remove the stickers.

The Worcester News has contacted West Mercia Police and Carl Mason for comment.