WORK has started on building more affordable houses on the site of former garages in Worcester.

But a nearby council has concerns about the impact on parking and traffic of such schemes.

Housing association Fortis Living is building 11 homes on the sites in Chedworth Drive and Snowshill Close in Warndon – all be available for affordable rent or shared ownership.

The houses, a mixture of two and three bedroom properties, will cost £1.3 million to construct and the housing association has received funding from Homes England.

Senior project manager at Fortis Living, Tim Dack described it as "exciting."

However, Warndon Parish Councillor Les Morris told the council’s meeting this week that he has started to make objections to Worcester City council when planning applications are made to convert garages.

He said: “There have been a few recently and we are seeing the effect of them in having more and more cars parked on the road, making things difficult.”

But the housing association says it is trying to meet a great need for housing.

Simon Vick, assistant director of growth and development said: “With increasing demand for more affordable homes we continue to seek out appropriate opportunities for development and in some cases, this may mean redeveloping land that has previously been used for different purposes.

“In the case of Chedworth Grove in Warndon, we carried out a full consultation with local residents prior to the development being approved. We also carried out traffic surveys and worked with Worcestershire County Council Highways throughout the process. The garages demolished were in the main unoccupied and the majority were not used by local residents.

“There have historically been issues with people on the estate parking on verges and footpaths which the upgrades to the local parking areas should alleviate."

Senior project manager at Fortis Living, Tim Dack said: “This development is really exciting for us at Fortis Living; there continues to be an increase in the need for affordable housing and we are heartened that the government has recognised this by its announcement to increase shared ownership homes within the UK.

“Crucially, offering shared ownership helps people who are unable to get on the housing ladder, the chance to part own their home.”