A DOG with a passion for collecting rubbish has picked up over 4,000 pieces of litter in Worcester.

Nine-year-old 'cockerpoo' Daisy has lived with Judy Owen in Worcester since she was a puppy.

Mrs Owen, 70, said: "She started picking up cans and bottles about seven or eight years ago. I was just astounded.

"She sees it as her purpose in life to pick up cans and bottles – it's what she goes for walks for."

Daisy and Mrs Owen often go for walks along Diglis canal, where the enthusiastic dog collects pieces of rubbish.

Mrs Owen said: "She goes to enormous lengths to pick up the pieces of litter – she won't go home until she has found one. She rummages in bushes and hunts behind trees. She has picked up over 4,000 now."

And Daisy doesn't like Mrs Owen to throw away the "treasure" she finds.

"All these 'goodies' are taken home and planted firmly on the front garden where I discretely move them to the green bin when she is sleeping," she said. "She doesn't like me getting rid of them."

No one knows where Daisy's impulse to collect cans and bottles comes from, or why she is so determined to tidy up Worcester.

"She is very proud of her findings," said Mrs Owen. "It's her whole reason for being here."

Mrs Owen owns a fashion boutique called You in Friar Street, Worcester, and says customers love Daisy.

"She sits around and greets them as they come in, and if she goes out for a walk in the day, she always comes back with a piece of litter," she said.

Mrs Owen said: "It's sometimes a bit embarrassing as when I walk down the street on the way to work, she is often walking behind me carrying an empty beer can. It must look quite funny."

She added: "She's an amazing little dog. She is very clever."