DRIVERS travelling around the city centre today are facing delays and disruption following the closure of New Road.

The busy city centre road will remain shut until 6am on Monday, April 16 and diversion route is in operation.

WATCH: See our video of the works being carried out on New Road today. 

Some drivers have been stuck for short periods of time throughout the day and others have been forced to take alternative routes to avoid the hold ups.

The division sends vehicles heading towards St John's from the city centre into a single lane over the bridge and then right (north) down Hylton Road and then left (west) along Tybridge Street as been gridlocked at moments throughout the day.

Traffic going eastwards into the city from St John's is restricted to one lane until the start of the bridge although there will be two lanes kept open over the bridge as usual.

These roads are usually one way so traffic coming west from the city during the diversion will be going against the usual flow of traffic.

Pedestrian crossing points will be provided during the closure but pedestrians crossing Hylton Road or Tybridge Street at other locations, are reminded to be aware of traffic moving both ways.

Pedestrians and dismounted cyclists are still be able to use New Road throughout the closure.

When the road closure was announced on Tuesday, April 3 by Worcestershire County Council, city workers and residents took to social media to vent their frustration made with many saying the closure would cause “chaos”

Transport bosses reassured residents that disruption will be minimised during the closure.

Speaking recently, Jon Fraser, head of Worcestershire County Council highways, said: "I would like to remind people that this weekend will see some very different traffic management arrangements in the city centre and I want to make people aware of the changes.

"All local businesses affected by these changes will be able to be accessed as usual and have been kept fully informed of the situation. There will be full access to both the Premier Inn and Tybridge Street car parks during the weekend.

"Whilst I expect traffic to be very busy and some delays will be inevitable, these temporary arrangements will keep a route across the bridge open in both directions, avoiding the need for westbound traffic to be diverted via Carrington Bridge."

The £1.2million flood prevention works to raise a 200m stretch of New Road, by 15 inches started on January 8, and is due to be complete on Monday, May 7.

The council has said the traffic-based economic benefits of the scheme will amount to £7.5m, while the wider economic benefits would amount to more than £2.89m.