DRIVERS faced delays and disruption following the closure of New Road.

The road shut at 8pm on Friday and was set to reopen at 6am tomorrow (Monday, April 16).

This was to allow work on the new £1.2 million flood prevention works to raise a 200-metre stretch of New Road, by 15 inches.

The project started on January 8, and is due to be complete on Monday, May 7.

Motorists’ reaction to the closures were mixed.

Malcolm Witcombe said: "It is a waste of money – the road only closed twice in 30 years."

Jonathan Milnes said: "There has been no thought for how it was planned out. It’s ridiculous."

Andrew Robinson said: "I kept well away, Worcester is closed for business today as far as I’m concerned."

Andy Daniel added: "The impact of this has been far worse than having an actual flood."

But Anne Pratt said: "It was strange seeing different traffic directions,but very well organised and worked a treat. So stop moaning there was plenty of warning about this happening."

Karen Groves added: "The diversion set up worked brilliantly, great job.

"It was strange to see people driving in the 'wrong' direction on the other side."

A localised diversion route was in operation throughout the weekend.

The route took vehicles heading towards St John’s from the city centre into a single lane over the bridge and then right (north) down Hylton Road and then left (west) along Tybridge Street.

Traffic going eastwards into the city from St John’s was restricted to one lane until the start of the bridge, although two lanes were kept open over the bridge as usual.

Pedestrians and dismounted cyclists were still be able to use New Road throughout the closure.

To see a video of the traffic today (Sunday) see below:

When the road closure was announced by Worcestershire County Council, residents took to social media to vent their frustration made with many saying the closure would cause "chaos".

Previously, transport bosses reassured residents that disruption will be minimised.