AN UNCLE has lambasted a housing association for allowing his nephew's kitchen to flood every day for over a month.

David Smith, aged 71, accused Fortis Living of 'incompetence' over its failure to fix a blocked pipe at his relative's flat in Chatcombe Drive, Worcester.

Mr Smith claims he has had to make daily trips to his 61-year-old nephew's property to bail water out of a sink.

He added: "Every day I put a bucket down and bail out water and put it in the drain outside.

"It's made his life a misery. He lives alone. He can't do no washing.

"It's just dirty water circulating. He has to take his clothes to his sister's.

"He shouldn't have to live like that. He pays his rent.

"I keep phoning them [Fortis] up every day. They said they will put scaffolding up on Monday [today]."

Mr Smith believes the pipe was originally blocked by occupants in a neighbouring flat.

He added that other people's food waste has also come up through his nephew's sink.

He said: "This mess is the result of incompetence by Fortis Living.

"They keep fobbing you off with different stories saying when they are going to do it and they are going to look into this and look into that.

"In the meantime we have to live like this with water flooding every day.

"I think it's absolutely disgusting the way they have treated their tenants."

Fortis staff were supposed to unblock the pipe on March 1, however they cancelled the job and were not able to return until March 16.

On their second trip they did not manage to fix the problem and the flooding became worse after their visit.

Mr Smith said he is looking after the property because his nephew, Philip Meenaghan, is often away due to his work as a lorry driver.

He added: "I'm retired. He is usually up and down the country.

"What's the point of him having time off, losing money, when I can go there and look after it?"

Fortis Living was unavailable for comment.