A CHURCH minister is jubilant after plans for double yellow lines outside his church were halted – for now.

Rev Jon Musselwhite was worried that the lines would drive people away from Worcester’s Bromyard Road Methodist Church, especially those in the congregation with disabilities.

The congestion-busting initiative has now been suspended, although not completely scrapped.

Mr Musselwhite said: “I’m pleased with the decision.

“Sometimes we have a car park that’s half full with cars that have nothing to do with the church.

“It would be worse if we had double yellow lines along Bromyard Road.

“If the car park is full there might be certain individuals, especially with disabilities, who would be forced to not attend church.

“They need to get close to the church for access and if they can’t they will go home.

“They have nowhere else to park. Often now they are going home. The situation is not getting any better for us, it’s getting worse.

“It seems the council is alienating itself from the community – in trying to solve a problem it’s making it more difficult.”

He urged the council to fully abandon the proposal and find another way of dealing with congestion on the road.

Jon Fraser, head of highways at the council, said: “There’s a desire to remove some parking on Bromyard Road in order to ease congestion, however currently this has been suspended pending further discussion with the local member, Richard Udall.”

Cllr Udall, who represents St John’s, added: “I am pleased that this short-sighted proposal might not be proceeding, it would have caused parking chaos and misery to many local residents.

“I know local businesses will also be pleased.

“We need to ensure that any future proposals are sympathetic to local need and do not ignore or are simply dismissive of local opinion and concerns.”

Cllr Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways, said: “The process has not been stopped. The process has been suspended.

“An option has been put forward to me. I’ve asked for one or two further options to be explored before we proceed.

“I know this particular bit of Bromyard Road. I know people are concerned.”