IT’S National Alien Day on Thursday (April 26) and stats by YouGov show one in two people in the UK, Germany and the US believe there is intelligent life out there in the universe.

That’s over half, which means rather than a ‘far-out crazy concept’, the person sitting next to you in the salon, your boss or even your next-door neighbour is probably a believer.

And that’s not taking into account whether you think there are other worldly creatures out there.

People aren’t shy about their suspicions either and the red-carpet crew are happy to put their hands up when it comes to possible alien encounters.

Khloe Kardashian tweeted about seeing strange lights in the sky.

Hillary Clinton wanted files about UFOs to be made public during her presidential campaign.

Zayn Malik told Glamour that his decision to leave One Direction came after an alien spoke to him in a dream.

Ariana Grande and Katy Perry have both spoken openly about being obsessed with aliens.

Even Winston Churchill was said to be a believer.

Whereas a few years ago UFO sightings would have been shrugged off, (17 per cent of people believe we’ve been contacted by intelligent life but that the government has covered it up), attitudes are changing.

The New York Times recently published that the Pentagon has invested $22M in investigating UFOs over the last five years and that aliens might actually be visiting us.

NY Magazine also commented that “just 30 years ago, we had not discovered a single planet outside our solar system; now we know of more than 3,000 of them, and we know nearly every star in the night sky has at least one planet in its orbit”.

In March 2015, there were fears that Worcester might become the new Roswell, after an apparent alien sighting.

Amateur footage of an unidentified object floating above the Ronkswood area was captured by resident Luke Gregg, who said he was "curious" to find out what it was.

Mr Gregg told Worcester News at the time: “I'm very much a sceptic when it comes to these things so by no means did I think that it was an alien spaceship or something equally paranormal.

“I noticed an object floating in the sky. At first I thought it was a flag or a piece of litter blowing in the wind, after being caught on telegraph pole cables.

“But as I got closer I realised that the object was hovering in the sky.

“Even more intriguing, another object - a black dot - was hovering above the main object and after about 20 seconds of filming the black dot swooped downwards behind some trees, rose back up again for a few seconds and then disappeared altogether."

However, a few days later, Dave Hodrien, chairman of the Birmingham UFO group and investigator into all things extra-terrestrial, analysed the video and believed it showed a solar airship or other inflatable.

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