MALVERN'S Morgan car maker is bringing an iconic Routemaster bus – the second-to-last edition to have been withdrawn from service – back to the British public at events throughout 2018.

Manufactured, like the first Morgan Plus 8, in 1968 and delivered for its first service in January of that year, this Routemaster is thought to have clocked over 1.5 million miles during its lifetime.

The vehicle was withdrawn from service nearly 44 years after it was built, getting an admirable send-off in December 2005. Crowds gathered along the 159 bus route, from Marble Arch to Brixton, as it took its final journey.

Morgan acquired the bus at the beginning of this year and work is under way to make sympathetic conversions.

Preserving its characteristics and many of its original features, the Routemaster will share 50th anniversary celebrations with the Plus 8.Steve Morris, Morgan's managing director said: “The Routemaster bus is arguably one of the most iconic vehicles in existence, it services as a symbol of Britain and is part of our national identity.

"It therefore gives us great pleasure to continue the life of one of the last decommissioned buses as our event space. Morgan has an exciting year ahead, and we can’t wait to utilise the bus at events all around the UK. Our plans for the bus will make it the ideal event space for Morgan customers and enthusiasts alike."