Warndon Parish North is held by two Conservative councillors. At the last city council election in the ward the Worcester News ward profile suggested that with the resignation of the serving councillor the Conservatives might face a real battle to keep the ward entirely blue.

We weren’t the only pundits to have underestimated the strength of Tory performance that day. As David Cameron was winning a quite unexpected majority in the House of Commons, Alan Feeney was romping home in Warndon North. His tally of 1596 was a very healthy 54 per cent of the vote and his majority over nearest challenger, the Labour candidate, was 907 votes – nearly one and half times the entire vote for Labour.

This year’s candidate Stephen Hodgson, one half of one of three married couples in the council chamber, has had similarly comfortable victories in recent polls. In 2010 he won a three horse race with 55 per cent of the vote. In 2014 that was down to 45 per cent as the candidate from UKIP standing in the ward for the first time, came second. Nevertheless Cllr Hodgson’s 655 votes was more than double his nearest challengers.

There are six candidates standing in the ward. Opposing Cllr Hodgson will be Labour, Greens, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats. James Goad, who fought Warndon ward, next door, for UKIP in 2014 has left the party and joined the Libertarian Party. He is standing and will offer voters an option from the fringes of mainstream British politics.

The two Warndon Parish wards are perhaps where the growth of Worcester is felt most keenly. Until relatively recently the extreme north-eastern reaches of the city limits, butting up to the M5, were much less developed, and even almost rural in nature.

The North ward is dominated by modern housing developments, but has the green spaces of Warndon Woods to its eastern boundary and industrial estates in its north. Increasing development of the area, particularly of the land near the M5, including plans to build a new football stadium for Worcester City FC off Parsonage Way are major issues.

Paul Boyes  UKIP

As a ward, we need to re-evaluate the creeping housing development that is occurring. Worcester is expanding but is it expanding in the right direction with both housing, retail and leisure facilities?  I think not and we need to go back and ensure we are doing the right for the local residents…  Vote UKIP to have your say.

Andrew Cross – Green

I moved to the Warndon Villages area of Worcester over 18 years and have worked here ever since. Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly involved as a local resident in planning matters and the sustainable economic development of Worcester. Air quality is another major concern.

If elected, I will work with people of all political and religious beliefs whether in the city centre or the outskirts, for the benefit of our communities, the environment and for the sustainable economic prosperity of Worcester.

We can all make a difference if we work together in a positive way and not waste time energy and public money in point-scoring. Creating community gardens with pollinator-friendly plants and bird-friendly habitats is an example of something simple and practical which we can all help to achieve at low cost. Our urban woodlands and green spaces are a valuable and necessary resource.

James Goad – Libertarian

'I’m standing for election on a platform of direct democracy, minimising local tax and cutting local government.

The Libertarian Party would introduce local referendums for public asset disposals, on a ward-level basis if need be. Direct democracy is the future, not the use of 'exclusivity agreements' which keep local residents in the dark.

As your councillor, I would stand up for your right to be left alone by government and go about your life as you see fit, reducing interference in your professional, personal and financial affairs. This includes a promise to minimise local taxation as far as I can.

Worcester has 35 councillors. We don’t need that many. One councillor per ward will suffice. By eliminating special responsibility privileges and the basic allowance from 20 councillors we could save around £140,000.

Lend me your vote in May. 

We’re not Left or Right. We’re Libertarian.'

Andy Graham – Labour

I live in the ward and worked for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust as an ecologist for 13 years. I’m disturbed to see so much inappropriate development in the Villages eroding the unique environment we all treasure – I’ll defend our beautiful green spaces here and across the city. I’ll stand against proposals for a football ground on Parsonage Way. We have been taken for granted in the Villages.

I’m concerned about the future of Lyppard Hub given cuts to local authority funding. I’ll work closely with Worcester Community Trust and other organisations to make sure this and other hubs remain at the heart of our communities and flourish.

I want to see increasing provision for children and young people and will tackle isolation and loneliness amongst older people. I am appalled that homelessness is rising in Worcester and foodbank use is increasing – that’s not my vision for our city.

That’s why I’m standing for Labour.

Stephen Hodgson – Conservative

It has been a pleasure to represent you as your Conservative Councillor at the City Council over the last 14 years. As someone who lives in the heart of Warndon Villages on Berkeley Heywood I am also affected by recent planning decisions. As your local councillor I have spoken up against Warndon 6 at the Planning Committee, as well as working with my fellow Councillor Alan Feeney on numerous other issues. Also I have pressed for greater investment from the city council in terms of better play areas and other facilities including securing £24,000 for a new viewing platform on the Offerton Lane Nature Reserve, which I will push to be installed once the silting problem is resolved.

I have always endeavoured to be truthful to those who I seek to serve and if re-elected I will speak up for where I live, Warndon Parish North.

Sarah Murray – Liberal Democrat

I moved to Warndontwo years ago from Herefordshire and am passionate about the city with its rich history, strong heritage and diverse, cosmopolitan culture.  I have two part time jobs; one as business development manager for a children’s mental health charity and secondly as an adult literacy tutor.  I am also a governor for a primary school.  I am passionate about listening to and involving young people in decisions which impact on their lives, both now and in the future and believe they should inform change.  If elected I would seek their views to drive forward the changes they would realistically like to see.  I would also work hard to, improve the local environment in Warndon, particularly with regard to dog mess and litter.  Additionally I would focus on transport links to reduce congestion in the city and ensuring the infrastructure of the area is adequate and sustainable.

Candidate profiles were ommitted in error, and have been added subsequently. Apologies.