SIR – I am the son of one of the “Windrush” generation, my father came to England from Bermuda in 1957 on and engineering apprenticeship, further I am a life long Tory!

The Windrush mistakes are wrong, should never have happened and smack of doing what is easy, not what is right.

But Amber Rudd has not resigned as a consequence of the Windrush mistakes, she has done so because she misled MPs.

I am sorry to see Amber Rudd have to resign as Home Secretary, she is obviously a very capable individual, but she, on her own admission misled MPs when she failed to confirm that there were immigration targets in the Home Office and quite rightly had to go.

My interest is why she misled MPs, I don’t think it was a consequence of not understanding her brief, my view is that she felt, or was advised, that to confirm that the Home Office had targets for the deportation of illegal immigrants would not be politically acceptable, and that was her mistake.

I believe the vast majority of people in the UK would not be offended or annoyed to know that our Home Office was being tough on illegal immigration, and the key word here is illegal.

If Amber Rudd had made a clear and positive statement to this effect from the very outset she would no doubt have got a few bad headlines from the liberal and left-leaning papers, but the position is easily argued and in my view would be supported by the normal voting people of this country.

I hope that other politicians learn from her mistake, stop trying to sugar-coat facts that some parts of society might find unattractive and tell it straight because I think you’ll find that most normal UK citizens have no issue with upholding the rule of law.


Councillor, St Clement ward