THE BAFTA TV Awards seem to be getting less popular each year and it is definite that a shake-up is needed.

I don't think people are that interested in a two hour long show really and the quality of the programmes winning awards seem to decrease each year.

This year's audience was down 200,000 year-on-year. There were still three and a half million people tuned in, but how many of those just had it on in the background and weren't really paying attention?

That's not to say there are not great programmes which take an impressive amount of dedication and originality to produce, they are just fewer and further between.

Instead, a lot of the shows which won awards this year are whilst very watchable and amusing do not deserve to be ranked amongst TV's best at the most prestigious TV award ceremony in the country.

I will admit that Love Island is a guilty pleasure of mine, I do enjoy laughing at some of the story lines. But it is it really amongst the best programmes we have to offer and deserve an award? I think not.

Equally, Britain's Got Talent , Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor seem to share the best entertainment programme every year, despite reducing interest and repetitive themes. I would like something more original to be challenging for the awards.

The soap and continuing programme category is also a bit of a dull one even for those who regularly watch the shows.

I think the best thing to do would be to reduce the number of categories and cut the show to one hour.

This would increase the calibre of the winners and keep viewers interest. I certainly don't think a two hour show keeps everyone on the edge of their seat for the duration.

It may seem like I am picking on BAFTA, but this is the case with a number of award shows with formats that have gone flat.

I think there is also a problem with the number of quality TV shows these days. Gone are the days when BBC, ITV and Channel 4 would produce a selection of great shows to choose between on a Friday or Saturday night.