A NEW mayor of Droitwich has been sworn in.

Cllr Christine Bowden was given unanimous backing at the town council’s annual meeting on Monday, replacing Cllr Shaun Best who she served as deputy.

More than two dozen residents attended the ceremony at the community hall, with Cllr Bowden being nominated by Cllr Tom Noyes.

“Christine is keen in representing the town in whatever comes up,” said Cllr Noyes.

“In her role as deputy mayor she has provided valuable service for our current mayor and on such occasions has been ably supported by her husband Eric.

“I am sure that Chris will continue to be a great ambassador for Droitwich,” he added.

Cllr Bowden, who joined the council in 2015, confirmed her husband as her consort, while her nominated charities are Droitwich Stroke Club, Save Our Brine Baths and Wychbold Swan Rescue.

Rev Nigel Baird is to be the mayor’s chaplain, while Cllr William Moy was voted deputy.

Outgoing mayor Cllr Best described an “overriding sense of optimism” currently evident in Droitwich and likened his time in the role to riding a rollercoaster.

“When I was a young boy back in the dark ages, roller coasters were in their infancy but due to modern technology, and the way things have gone, they have progressed in leaps and bounds. Which is why a heck of a lot of them are so comfortable to ride in.

“But I’m still scared stiff of them.

“Helen [his wife] and I have just finished one that lasted nearly a year and boy, have we had some fun.”

He praised the campaign to bring brine baths back to the town, as well as the continued success of Droitwich Salt and the host of sporting and arts achievements in recent months.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped Droitwich to become one of the outstanding festival spots in Worcestershire.”

“Can we build on this and not get back to the sense of apathy we had before the turn of the century?” he said.

Cllr Bowden thanked her fellow councillors, as well as her husband.

“Thanks, Eric – you always support me whatever I get myself into, and I get myself into a lot,” she joked.

“I promise to dedicate my year to the people of Droitwich,” she said.