A POPULAR showman, who was born on Worcester Racecourse, has died.

Sid Squires, aged 69, ran Sid Squires & Sons Funfair for many years.

He was born on Worcester Racecourse during a fair, ran by his father also called Sid, and went on to run fairs across the Midlands.

His sister, Ann Squires, aged 66, said: “He was born on a fairground in Worcester.

“They were allowed to stay there while the races were on.

“He was a showman through and through.”

Mrs Squires said her brother usually stayed in his trailer, at Gloucestershire’s Pool Meadow showmen's site, although he was in Upton when he died.

She said: “He had a catering unit in Upton, by the Pepperpot. Everyone knew him in Upton.

“He was living in his van in the marina. His wife woke up at about 5.30am on Sunday and heard him take his last breath.”

Robin Hudson, who started working for Mr Squires when he was just seven-years-old, praised him as a ‘proper showman’.

Mr Hudson, aged 58, said: “I knew Sid like a second dad.

“He was a very genuine down-to-earth lad, a very likeable bloke.

“He was born on the Worcester Racecourse, they were allowed to stay on the racecourse for another day because his mum couldn’t move.”

He added that he grew close to Mr Squires after he started helping him at the funfair in Malvern Common, which took place in Easter and summer.

Mr Hudson said: “Those were the best days of my youth. I loved the music and the lights and the atmosphere.

“Sid just took me in as part of his family. I first started helping when I was about seven years old. I stopped helping when I left school.”

Mr Hudson, of Yates Hay Road, Malvern, said he used to collect money at the fair and help to pack up the rides.

He added that the family-run show is no longer held on the common.

Mr Squires was a member of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and was particularly known for his Noah’s Ark merry-go-round ride, which he took to shows across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

He died on April 29 and is survived by his wife, June, his two sons and his daughter.

His funeral will be held at St Catharine’s Church, in Gloucester, at noon tomorrow (May 17).