THE CITY’S MP has repeated his opposition to a second inquiry into press behaviour after it was voted on for the second time in a week.

MP’s rejected an amendment made by the House of Lords yesterday (May 15) which called for a further look into press standards.

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, said: “I hope the message is now clear.

“I think the question is whether a Levson 2 would really add anything to the understanding we already have of the issues.

“We have had the inquiry, we have had the investigations and we have had the criminal trials.

“All of those have led, quite rightly, to some significant changes.

“I think what we don’t want is for anything to lead to statutory regulation."

MPs first rejected an amendment to launch a new inquiry during a debate on the Data Protection Bill last Wednesday (May 9).

In debating the Bill, the House of Lords passed an amendment on Monday (May 14) which would have set up the second part of the Leveson inquiry.

MPs threw out those changes, voting 301-289 in favour of a government amendment overturning the Lords result.

Mr Walker said he was glad the Labour frontbench “dropped their attack on press freedom” after abandoning the section 40 amendment which would mean newspapers would be forced to pay claimant’s legal – whether they won or not.

Mr Walker called the section 40 measures “totally unacceptable”.

Mr Walker also questioned the role of the House of Lords in the debate as the Bill 'ping-ponged' between the two chambers.

"I also think there is a constitutional question," he said.

"If something has been passed then that should really be the end of it and the Lords should just not keep sending it back."