A DISABLED grandmother says she felt like a 'second class citizen' after struggling around a county gardening festival.

Yvette Flynn, aged 56, of Burleigh Road, Worcester, complained that she was unable to find a disabled toilet at a restaurant on the Three Counties Showground.

Mrs Flynn, who suffers from MS and damaged back discs, also found it difficult to travel around the RHS Malvern Spring Festival.

She said: "It made me feel like a second class citizen. My needs weren't met.

"I'm sitting in extra pain from trying to do the day. The road into the disabled car park was all rocky and not flat - and that was the beginning of the day.

"I travelled around in a small mobility scooter. It was painful because it's not a flat place.

"I saw about a 20th of the show because it was too painful to travel around."

Mrs Flynn said she was unable to find a disabled toilet in the Severn Hall restaurant, despite the guide stating it had one.

She added: "I had to struggle to use an ordinary toilet. "We did find a disabled toilet [elsewhere] but it was the lowest I have ever used and it rocked when I sat on it.

"The guide states that they are committed to making disabled visits as pleasant as possible, they are not."

She said she had been looking forward to the festival, which she described as a 'rare treat'.

However, the former dance instructor has vowed to never attend another Spring Festival.

Jess Cook, a spokesman for the Three Counties Showground, said: "We are extremely saddened to hear that the lady who visited RHS Malvern Spring Festival didn’t have as an enjoyable experience as we would have hoped.

"All of the lady’s comments have been taken on board and will be investigated fully, we look forward to speaking with her to see if we can improve our services in the future."

Ms Cook added that organisers try to make events as inclusive as possible, with seven disabled toilets and a 'mobiloo' on the site, including at Severn Hall.

She said the showground also has permanent roads, a free shuttle bus, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs and a disabled car park.

Disabled people are also allowed to invite a companion to showground events for free.