Traffic caused the city centre to grind to a standstill this morning.

The cause of the traffic is not confirmed but it is believed to have been caused by re surfacing on New Road. Highways Worcester tweeted that tonight is the last night of overnight surfacing on New Road and tomorrow the road will be open to three lanes.

Many of our readers were angry after being stuck in traffic and commented on our story.

James Cox commented on our facebook page: "I tried going to work this morning from St John's. Nope, buses all diverted until lower wick. I am currently sat on a train trying to get to work in Malvern & I should have started over an hour ago . Now just found out there are signal troubles so sat on a train in a field, not at work hating public transport"

Susan Key commented: "Been sat in traffic on the London Rd for over 45mins...going nowhere."

Mark Faulkner said: "Absolute joke. From Asda to St. John’s traffic lights road works then more traffic lights, nightmare"

Hayley MacDonald posted: "London road backed up as well. The council need there heads looking at."

Fozia Shazad commented on our Facebook page: "It’s disgusting and kids getting late for exams even though you set out earlier."

Worcester News Reporter Ryan Merrifield was stuck on Spetchley Road near the Oak Apple pub for 45 minuets.

Reporter Aled Thomas was stuck for 30 minutes on Bromwich Road where he said the traffic is the worst he has ever seen it.