RESIDENTS have criticised plans for a new KFC claiming that it could encourage late-night disorder.

Plans have been submitted for a new KFC restaurant in The Cross, Worcester prompting concerns from West Mercia Police about disorder late at night.

Many readers said they were concerned about disorder and the amount of fast-food restaurants whilst others called for a Burger King instead.

Mike McChrystal said: "If you’re going to bring another fast food chain then bring back Burger King. We don’t need another KFC."

Website commenter ProvincialVindicator added: "If West Mercia can't or won't successfully police McDonald's when it all kicks off late night on a regular basis - then what hope have we got by potentially doubling the flash points?"

John Worcesterman added: "What message is Worcester sending out filling our city centre with fast food restaurants?

"Whilst we get the short term gain of new jobs and revenue spent in the area.

"As a nurse I see the result of poor diets and obesity."

Paula Heath commented: "Council I’m sick of greasy fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

"Let’s get some quaint shops in, something a bit different. Let’s get Worcester vibrant again."

Daniel Turner claimed: "We don't need anymore fast food places or food places in general in town because from the train station to here there are about nine places that already serve food."

However, others said it would not cause issues in the city.

Ian Langford said: "Why should it be a problem? There’s 3 McDonald's and 4 Subway's in Worcester.

"It will provide employment and take up an empty shop. It’s not the fast food that causes people to get lairy.

"If they put another KFC there that gives jobs and fills a hole, what's the problem?"