Lights at a pedestrian crossing on Worcester’s very busy and fast-moving ring-road at Nunnery Way have not been working for months.

They are covered over and the push buttons are disabled.

Residents are expressing fears that a bad accident might happen at any time.

Andrew Cross who lives in Warndon Villages brought that matter up at Warndon Parish Council’s meeting.He said: “The lights were found to have some sort of fault Last Winter five or 6 months ago. The road is very busy and drivers seem to ignore the 40 mph speed limit. It would be terrible if there was a death there.

“I suppose if there wasn’t a crossing there, in a way, it wouldn’t be so bad – it wouldn’t encourage people to cross there. But I’d like to know what’s happening about resolving this dangerous situation.”

Although roads, pavements and crossings are the responsibility of Worcestershire County Council, it seems that it’s not simply a case of getting County Hall to fix the lights.Councillor Andy Roberts, the county councillor for Warndon, said: “I have had meeting about it, and there is work going on.

“My understanding is that the crossing was put in as a condition of planning permission for the development. It was put in by the developers but it hasn’t yet been adopted by the county council.

“One of the reasons is that a car hit the crossing and damaged it, and also the whole thing needs a proper safety audit. One question is why the development was allowed to become operational before the crossing was put properly into action.”

Worcestershire County Council's cabinet member for highways Councillor Alan Amos said: "The safety audit process is yet to be completed. The pedestrian crossing cannot be brought into operation until the safety audit process is completed."