Warndon Parish Council has a new chairman.

Nick Fielden will chair the council for the next two years, taking over from Ray Morris.

And that’s something that’s familiar to them both.

Mr Fielden said: “It’s a two year cycle and Ray was chairman previously, then I took over from him, then when I finished he took over again, and I’m taking over from him again.”

And making sure that Warndon parishes, a relatively modern group pf housing developments in the northwest of the city stays a pleasant place to live is Mr Fielden’s top priority.

He said: “My wife and I have lived here for 24 years so we have seen a lot of changes.

“But it’s a wonderful environment in which to live and that’s the main feedback we get as a council. So we spend money of employing a dedicated parish warden, we spend money on extra grass cutting and ways to improve the area and keep it a beautiful place.”

Otherwise during Mr Fielden’s tenure the areas’ Neighbourhood Plan should come to fruition. He said: “That’s all about having a vision for how the neighbourhood should develop and we recognise we have to work with the city and county councils and other agencies.”

Mr Fielden also pledged the parish council would be a ‘good partner’ to group=s and individuals working to improve Warndon Villages by putting on activities and would have a ‘considered opinion’ on planning applications in the area.