THE safety of a playground has been under scrutiny after a child was knocked to the ground by a dog.

Susan Stone was upset after her small child was playing in Pinvin playground, near the Pinvin CE Primary School, and was knocked over by a dog whose owner had let it loose onto the playground from the adjacent fields.

Ms Stone said there was no inquiry from the dog's owner regarding whether her child was hurt and more dogs were seen at the park on another day.

She said other parents and carers have expressed their fears about the current lack of fencing around the playground, and the dangers of dogs being let onto it.

A spokesman from Pinvin Parish Council said: “Pinvin Parish Council was notified of the incident by a member of the public involved.

“The Parish Council were notified that the child was ‘upset, crying and frightened’ but not hurt in any way.”

The spokesman said the parish council was addressing the issue of fencing.

He said: “The Parish Council has begun making arrangements for the fencing of the play area.

"This was decided at the start of this year, prior to this incident taking place.

"The work for new fencing is currently being quoted by local contractors and will ideally be taking place soon.”

However, Ms Stone believes the issue of safety around the playground is now urgent because a new housing development by Cameron Homes on Main Street will bring more people into the area.

It is against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control anywhere, such as a public place.

A dog is considered dangerously out of control if it injures someone, or makes someone nervous.

The Parish Council spokesman added: “Dog walkers using the right of way through the play area should always keep their dogs under control.”