'STRIKING' designs for a £3million mosque set to be built in the city have finally been unveiled.

Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA) wants to build the mosque on the old Stanley Road School car park, in Worcester.

The charity also intends to build apartments and a new sports centre at the site, which includes Unity House community centre.

WMWA plans to move its mosque from Tallow Hill to Stanley Road to cater for its growing number of worshippers.

Mohammed Iqbal, general secretary of the association, said: "It's an exciting project. It's a very bold design, it's a piece of art – it's striking and iconic.

"We are moving away from the traditional to the more modern design. You can still tell it's Islamic by the calligraphy and the stonework.

"It works in harmony with other buildings in Worcester, like the Hive with the gold coloured tiles."

The new building will also feature chimney-like minarets that have a functional purpose by helping to control temperatures inside the building.

The Tallow Hill mosque will be turned into an education complex, offering Quran lessons in the evening and other classes during the day.

Mr Iqbal hopes the association can raise the cash for the new mosque over the next three to five years.

He added: "We have a growing population and we are planning for the years ahead. The existing place is not sufficient for the next five to 10 years."

Mr Iqbal said the current mosque has enough prayer space for 500 people, whereas the new-build will be able to take up to around 1,300 worshippers.

The association bought Unity House in 2006 and later acquired the Stanley Road School car park in 2017.

Unity House has been used for community purposes and rental income since the purchase.

However, under the plans, a new sports facility, including a youth room and a ladies' gym, will be built at the centre.

The association hopes the sports centre will help to curb anti-social behaviour and encourage physical activity.

There are also plans to demolish an old caretaker's home at the site and build four apartments in its place.

These properties will be rented out to help raise funds for the new mosque.

The overall development, including the sports centre and apartments, is expected to cost around £5million.

Mr Iqbal estimated that the planning application for the project will be submitted in July.

Some residents told the association they liked the bold design at a consultation event in Unity House on Monday.