SIR - THE sad up-coming closure of another shop in Worcester, the House of Fraser, again reveals the true colours of capitalism in all its vulgar brutal reality.

Profit is put before all and has no care for the slaughter of people’s livelihoods, decent folk that have no doubt put their hearts into that store which I liked going in.

This ‘ghost towning’ of our high street has to be stopped and the city council pulling the plug on an out-of-town shop, is indication of the reactionary when they’ve privatised for the big corporations.

It’s kind of ironic watching them trying to stem the capitalist monster they also feed and celebrate.

In our city another example of the ‘elite’s’ attempt to deflect from the collapse of shops are the increasing amount of ‘events’.

The latest foodism event only highlights the growing inequality as, don’t get me wrong I like grub, but with quite ordinary tummy expanders like burgers costing a lot and drink more than double what the pubs charge, it’s a rip off

and probably aimed at overpaid executives and not most of us who have suffered their austerity plan.

In the end what usually happens, as the capitalists can’t help themselves, the state in the form of public ownership steps in as they did to save their true friends the bankers with our money, yet where’s ‘our’ government when shop workers our exposed to the brutal market?

A democratic nationalisation of the shops with regulated prices run by thinking folks, not those on the make, would revitalise our cities.

Also go on thousands-a-week bureaucrats, why not set up a community centre in one of Worcester’s vacant shops.

Of course, their ideology will only mean more expensive shops selling

experiences with stuff you don’t really need - yuk!

Try thinking outside of the box, they like babble like that, though the

box they’ve opened is Pandora’s.