SOME of our young footballers have been enjoying success in the annual summer tournaments.

And there's clearly been a good deal of pleasure for players and supporters in taking part in matches in sunshine rather than the gloom and cold of winter.

Perdiswell Bobcats have collected some silverware for the trophy cabinet with plate success with Morley Westwood lifting the trophy.

And Leigh and Bransford Badgers FC Zenit U7 enjoyed a taste of the action at the Nunnery Wood tournament.

This is the latest in our popular series of pictures which show our county’s talented young sports stars in action..

To celebrate the sporting talent of children across Worcestershire, the Worcester News is publishing pictures in the newspaper and online.

As well as football and rugby, we’re featuring pictures of sports including cricket, netball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and martial arts - and our photographers will be out taking shots.

We also want pictures from parents, coaches, spectators and amateur photographers who want to see their images in the newspaper and online – and seen by tens of thousands of people – with their name published to credit them.

We’re looking for team photos before the match as well as action shots, and just the name of the club or clubs involved. There’s no need to send us the names of the children.

If you’re involved in youth sport and want us to cover your team, or you can send us pictures of matches, please email editor Michael Purton at