SIR – IS Brexit worth it? Even the most ardent Leaver must be asking that question now.

For once I agree with Boris Johnson, that the deal we’re likely to get looks like putting us in orbit round the EU, with no input or influence.

And all for what? The prospect of a better deal from Trump’s USA? Oh, please! China? They’ve made it clear they see the EU as much more important. India? Maybe, and it might put an end to the crazy barriers we have erected that stop Indian doctors and nurses coming to staff the NHS. The Commonwealth?

They have shaped their economies to trade in other directions. And Turkey? Yes, provided we allow free movement of their 70 million residents! Umm, didn’t the Leave campaign try to frighten us with that two years ago?

Fair’s fair, no-one made much of the Irish border question during the referendum, but that is proving totally intractable and probably unsolvable. Are we willing to risk peace in Northern Ireland for an illusory vision of sovereignty? Are we willing to throw away 5-10 years of economic growth for a position where we’re tied to the EU but have no influence on its decisions? Where we lose hand over fist for years to come, with only vague prospects of

new trade deals.

It’s time to think again. It’s time for a People’s Vote on whatever deal the government negotiates.