A SUCCESSFUL artist and humanitarian has been painting one of the beautiful giraffe sculptures for Worcester Stands Tall.

Amrit Singh, AKA MrASingh who has worked for google, and presented a TED Talk, tells us all about his amazing journey and his colourful giraffe creation which is part of the art trial raising money for St Richards Hospice.

How did you come to be part of the Worcester Stands Tall campaign?

I was part of The Big Sleuth campaign last year and absolutely loved it. That was the first time I had transferred my style of art onto a large (6 foot) sculpture and I was hooked. I was recommended to have a look at Worcester Stands Tall and I liked what I saw, so I decided to submit my design!

What is your inspiration behind your giraffe design?

I’m a huge advocate for celebrating diversity and helping people look past the labels we place on ourselves and others, and see the true beauty we all radiate. That was the inspiration for my giraffe design.We are all born to stand out, we’re all different, unique & beautiful, but it’s in our diversity that connects us all together.

Sometimes, all we need to do is break away from the monochromatic shell and be our true colourful, vibrant selves.

Tell me a little bit about your background?

I’m an award-winning creative director, artist, content creator and public speaker from Birmingham. I’ve been working in the graphic design industry for over 10 years and in the social media and art industry for the last two years. Not only do I direct campaigns but I create art live on Twitter Live (Periscope) to thousands of people around the world, and due to that I’ve grown an influential brand and a dedicated global community that follow me on my creative journey.

I’ve exhibited my art multiple times over the last two years, from San Francisco, Birmingham to London, and published my own colouring book.

How would you describe your art?

I create my intricate InkANIMA art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour. My art is a salute to nature’s beauty which is a gentle reminder that if we look carefully, patterns can be found in all of nature’s creations; from animals, plants to micro-organisms. I focus on this beauty, mixed with inspiration from various diverse world cultures and amplify it thorough rich textures, mesmerising line work and story telling.

What was it like to do a TEDx talk and what was it about?

It was an awe-inspiring experience. There’s a lot of pressure doing a talk on a famous stage like TEDx and i’ve always been inspired by TED talks, so it was an honour to do.

In 2016, I founded NowHumanity, a social initiative that uses social media to highlight humanitarian issues around the world and do social good. I was one of the first to live stream the European refugee crisis and broadcast unedited, first person footage from the ground in 5 cities to millions around the world. The talk is about my realisations and the results of combining the power of social media, and the impact it had on individuals around the world – and on myself.