PEOPLE are being warned that a group of cold callers known as the Nottingham Knockers are operating in Abberley and Clows Top near Worcester.

Those reported so far have not been abusive but they generally do not have a pedlar's certificate and are therefore selling their goods illegally.

'Nottingham Knockers' are persistent and pressure people into buying their cleaning products.

Police officers have warned that they often can become abusive if someone does not purchase from them.

People have been warned that if a sales person comes to their door selling any products they should not be persuaded to part with money or for products they do not need or are of poor quality.

People have also been advised to use precautionary measures such as a door chain and to ignore callers if they are unsure who it may be.

Anyone who spots the doorstep traders should not answer the door to them and report sightings to the non-emergency police number on 101.