SIR, I've noticed that people are very quick to knock the dog walkers who walk their dogs over on Perdiswell football pitches for not picking up after the dogs.

I know as a father myself this is something that I certainly wouldn't want my kids walking in and fully understand the reactions to dog poo strewn across those fields.

I wonder if these people are reacting to the constant disregard of the footballers who are leaving all their litter on the grass after play time has finished? I know its hard to take your litter home with you as they are probably tired but some days it's just ridiculous as to the amounts of litter they just leave for others to pick up.

I was on there this morning and thought the council had turned the place into a landfill site, bottles and fast food boxes all over the place. This isn't an isolated incident either. Maybe the council should look into supplying bins near the goal nets so these people may realise and bin their litter.