A VAN smashed into a wall and almost hit a woman before fleeing the scene.

A Fortis Living van was trying to turn in a cul-de-sac The Mews, Pershore near St Agatha’s Court when it clipped the wall and sent it crashing down and badly damaging a car.

Nick Honeybourne, who lives at one of the houses, said his wife was standing just a few feet away from the van as it fled.

He said it was lucky that she was not injured.

Mr Honeybourne said: “It was just a few feet from my wife, it could have taken her along with it.

“What was awful was that the driver just sped away. People make mistakes, so we could have dealt with that.

“For all he knew there could have been somebody standing behind the wall and been seriously injured. It is unlikely but possible.”

“It is a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa that we think has been written off and the wall will cost a few thousand.

“The wall is about 20 feet long and five foot high and the whole thing came down.

“Me and my wife heard an engine running outside and went out to have a look.

“The driver was turning around, but ended up clipping the wall and the whole thing came down. Luckily we saw what happened.

“There are about five houses here and we warn people not to try and turn on this driveway.

“He drove onto private land to turn and hit the wall pulling out, driving off at great speed. He sped off like his backside was on fire.

“It was too quick to remember the numberplate but Fortis will know who the driver is.

“It was a Fortis van and thankfully they have said they will pay for the repair work.”

Mr Honeybourne called the police after the crash, in which nobody was injured.

March Mayall, general manager of Fortis Property Care said: "“We are currently investigating the detail of the accident and understand that the driver moved his van due to another vehicle wanting to access the area; he then followed procedure by reporting the incident to his line manager.

"Fortis Living are working with our insurance company to repair the damage caused.”

The damage happened at around 4.45pm on Monday June 11.