A CHURCH-based community outreach programme which continues the legacy of Worcester's most famous vicar, Woodbine Willie, has been awarded its fourth award for excellence in the last 12 months.

The Citycare community outreach programme at St Paul's Church - where the Rev Studdert Kennedy, known as Woodbine Willie was vicar - has received the latest award in recognition of its TLG Early Intervention volunteer Lorna Nicholls, the church's youth and community worker.

"Our Citycare programme was formed in September 2014 has grown much faster than we could ever have imagined and is sustained by many quality volunteers who serve in many practical ways and funded by the generosity of St Paul’s Church congregation members, local and national grants," said Dot Burnett, Citycare manager.

Ms Nicholls won the 2018 co-ordinator of the year at a ceremony recently when representatives of the TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) programme from across the UK came together to celebrate the national success of the programme.

The TLG Early Intervention programme trains workers who get alongside and support children who are struggling in schools.

"We now have 12 different community outreaches in our local area. Working alongside incredible charities in and around Worcester.