Newly elected councillors in Worcester have published their registers of interests.

And one really stands out from the crowd.

Five new councillors who were elected in May to Worcester City Council have listed their assets and jobs, which is part of their duty as representatives.

It’s to ensure they don’t make decisions as councillors which could also financially benefit them or their families .

Most of the five list a job and perhaps one property, but Councillor Mohammad Altaf has had to list more than 40 homes in Worcester among his interests.

That’s because he owns and runs a lettings company- Worcester Lettings and Developments Ltd.

As the director and sole shareholder of the company Cllr Altaf lists an interest in his own family home, seven houses owned by members of his family and 38 houses owned by his company, including 23 in Avon Road alone.

The councillor for Gorse Hill said he didn’t anticipate any particular issues: “I have declared all my assets and Ive been clear about them from before the election.

“If somehting comes up, like a discussion about a road where I own a property, then I’d declare that before the meeting, and there’d be a decision about what could happen made then. It might be that I can speak but not vote on an issue, it might be that something else happens.

Cllr Altaf’s Conservative colleague Stuart Denlegh Maxwell, elected in Claines, listed his jobs as a director of IT company Modus and as a health visitor for the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust.

Labour councillor Ceri Stalker, Warndon, listed her work as a partner in ADI Automation and as a county councillor. She lists one property in Worcester.

her party colleague Councillor Tom Collins in Rainbow Hill lists his job for Bosch, his Worcester home and also mentions payments from Worcester Labour Party. He said: “The party hasn’t paid me anything as such, but it did contribute to my election expenses, as is usual.

“I thought I would list it just to be on the safe side right from the start.”

Green Councillor for Battenhall Louise Griffiths has declared no interests.