Controversial plans to provide more homes in Worcester, including low-cost housing, will be determined today by Worcester City Council’s Planning Committee.

One is by the YMCA to turn a family foster care unit at 2 Stanley Road into low cost housing consisting of nine studio flats and a five-bedroom house.

Dozens of nearby residents have commented on the proposal, with the majority against it over concerns that crime and anti-social behaviour will increase in the area as a result of the change of use.

The YMCA’s management plan says it will let a room to “single people between 18 and 35, in work, training or work-based education, on a low wage, but capable of living independently and with no recent history of anti-social behaviour.”

Another proposal is to knock down the empty bungalow at 104 Lansdowne Road and build three separate houses.

Again, neighbouring residents have written in numbers to express their concern, particularly because the proposed buildings will be three storeys high. One said: “The area surrounding the application site is predominately two storey in character. The pitches of the roofs, are very steep and at odds with other properties in vicinity of the site. This has been forced onto the scheme due to the high density of the development.”

Despite objections, city council planners have recommended approval of the scheme.

In Turrall Street, housing association Fortis Living want to knock down more than 20 garages and build two houses and parking spaces on the land. One of the issues is the southern wall of some of the garages that forms part of the boundary with properties in Sunnyside Road. This application was previously deferred

In Warmstry Court in Quay Street, Sanctuary Housing want to turn a two-storey store building on its retirement housing site into a two-bedroom house. Several objections have been made and the report recommends refusal because of flood risk.

The committee will meet at 1.30pm at the Guildhall.