Where will 500 new workers park if a new office building gets the go ahead in Worcester?

That’s one of the questions thrown up by a plan, by Sanctuary Homes, to build a new office block on the site of an old car showroom, next to its existing buildings, in Farrier Street in the city centre.

One Worcester News reader Tone22 wrote: “I assume it will have underground parking. Anything less should be rejected, without question.”

A reader, using the name Mr P John, said: “These offices could have been located at a more convenient location out-of-town therefore relieving the planned pressure on both the parking facilities and the already excessive traffic. Another 500 cars trying to get into town in the morning makes me want to leave my job in the city.”

But not every one agreed.

One using the name Jabbadad wrote: “A relation of mine works at Sanctuary, there are over 700 staff there now, and the majority use public transport to get to work and most of them also shop in the town centre, so one can assume that the 500 new jobs will not equal 500 additional cars.”

Paultec also scorned the idea that putting the block outside the city would be better.

He wrote: “Then more staff at the present location will have to travel between this site and out of town, causing more traffic. As a lot of staff there presently walk to work, they would then have to drive.”

Nobody from Sanctuary Homes was available to comment.

The plan will be determined on at the Worcester City Council’s Planning Committee meeting at 1.30pm today.