A TEACHER was 'elated' to win the Teacher/ Lecturer of the year award at the Worcester News Education Awards.

Greg Satterley said: "I feel elated and incredibly honoured to be given this award for something I love. It's a great honour."

Greg Satterley has all the attributes a teacher should have, wrote one person who nominated him.

Known affectionately as Mr S at Bengeworth CE Academy, in Evesham, he has been praised as a teacher who gets the best out of his pupils.

Under his teaching, youngsters in one class went from the lowest performing in the whole school to the best.

He's described as knowing his students strengths and weaknesses and motivating them.

One parent wrote "Children and parents still make time to speak to Mr S as he does also for them- He is a truly excellent teacher."

David Green from Pitmaston Primary School was a finalist for the Teacher of The Year Award.

Mr Green said: “It was very touching to be nominated by the parents of my class. It’s nice to know I’m making a difference.”

Guests at the awards heard how Mr Green is a confidence building teacher with a talent for engaging pupils.

He has been praised by many parents and was called 'excellent' and 'fantastic' in his nomination.

He was commended for helping individual children in the areas they’re struggling in and providing homework to help with specific needs.

He is also responsible for out of school sports clubs and teams, takes youngsters to tournaments and provides them with sporting opportunities.

Wes Davies from Worcester Sixth Form Centre was also a finalist for the award.

Outstanding commitment and contribution to the development of teaching and learning activities are some of the reasons why Wes Davis has been put forward as teacher of the year in the national Tes FE Awards 2018.

Mr Davis said: “I was in the TES awards. I got runner up there as well so I’m always the bridesmaid and never the bride but I’ve enjoyed it all.”

One nomination for Mr Davis, made by the sixth form college said: "Numerous former students would wholeheartedly support this nomination and have provided testimonial for his nomination in a national award.

"They speak of Wes's teaching in the highest regard."