A petrol station with attached car wash and convenience supermarket will be built near the Bluebell farm pub and KFC restaurant.

The plan to add to the development to the east of Nunnery Way A4440 on the edge of the city was given the green light by Worcester city Council’s Planning Committee.

Resident of Warndon Villages, Andrew cross spoke against the plan. He said: “This is contrary to the South Worcestershire Development Plan. The site is not easy to cycle to, and is not on a bus route, and will mean increased car journeys It is not a sustainable development.”

Mr Cross said the government had made a commitment to reduce use of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles and that a new filling station would be not needed if electric vehicles become more popular.

Speaking on behalf of the applicants Forelle Estates and St Modwen

Developments, Robert Barnes pointed out that there had been objections from the police, Worcestershire Highways or the Highways Agency. He said: “The nearest shops are at least two kilometres away. There is no question of this development having an i9mpact. It’s for people picking up everyday groceries on their way home.”

The site was originally designated as a car showroom in development plans

Councillor Louis Stephen said he was concerned about the site being contaminated by petrol and the costs of cleaning up the land after its use a s filling station falling to the public.

He said: “Filling stations close and leave a legacy of a blot on the landscape. What’s the difference between this site and others that have been contaminated?”

The developer agreed to indemnity insurance in case of contamination.

Mr Barnes added that there will be spaces for two electric vehicle charging points built into the scheme and as the technology for fast-charging increases and take up of electric cars increases, more spaces could be made available.

Councillor Lynn Denham said the nearest filling stations to the site included one at the “big Tesco” in Warndon and added: “I think it can stand the competition. I think this could cut congestion, as it’s near major employment areas, County hall and the hospital. People who need something will be able to pick it up here, rather than drive into the city.”