MANY were out and about enjoying the colourful giraffes.

Today is the day the team from St Richard's Hospice along with the people of Worcester have been waiting for. The launch of Worcester Stands Tall, an art trail which has seen 30 giraffes being painted by artists and placed around the city. After being kept top secret for months, the giraffes have been unleashed for the public to see.

Billie Norman 33, from Droitwich and her daughter Imagen Prince, 2 and-a-half were photographed next to 'Hive Mind' a honey-bee themed giraffe near the Hive.

Ms Norman, a finance officer said: "It's brilliant, she's really enjoying it. We came up especially to go round the giraffes."

Staff and children from Fort Royal Community Primary School attended the launch at St Andrew's Spire. The school have two giraffe calves in the trail, named Jane and Judy after their previous head and deputy head teacher. Teacher Sylvia Gryzia said:

"It's an amazing idea, really great to get schools and parents involved. It is always good to integrate children with the community."

Katie Hodgetts painted the giraffe named Snowdrop which is placed by St Andrew's Spire, it is the first giraffe on the trail. Miss Hodgetts finally got to see her giraffe outside in the sun today. Miss Hodgetts said: "It's really exciting, especially being the first one. They look different outside, the blue looks a lot blue-er." Miss Hodgetts added: "The spire is a lovely background."

Edie Anderson from Pershore also attended the launch: Ms Anderson said: “My son was involved in his school’s design and we are coming to do the trail with the school this evening.”

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