WHILE back home in Worcester this summer, student Evel Knoxville is photographing and interviewing city residents, with a focus on questions they may not normally be asked.

Evel, 19, who studies fine art at Goldsmiths university in London, began by meeting 24-year-old Jack Purkis, an actor and writer, for the first 'Unusual Questions with Evel Knoxville' interview.

Tell me about your favourite piece of art?

 "Well one of my favourite films is 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think the cinematography is beautiful and the level of what they achieved for 1968 is incredible. It must have been amazing to see back then when there hadn’t been anything like it.

"And there wouldn’t have been until Star Wars, probably, in terms of sci-fi elements. Most of all what I love is that it provokes thought, and engulfs you, it shows you something new.

"I think that's what beauty is, being taken in by something new and going 'Wow’.’

What’s something small that makes you happy that other people might not notice?

"I love walking around an area and just noticing, just being aware of everything around me. One of the small things that I love is light and the certain way light can fall on something, it's quite beautiful.

"I think joy is very warped these days, its thought of as being an achievement. But its not, its in tiny things. Which is great, because you can always find it in what's around you."

What's the first thing you hope people notice about you?

"I don’t think about what people think about me, to be honest. I mean, I do, but I try not to."

Do you have a favourite memory?

 "I once took one of my exes to pet penguins at London Zoo. That sprang to mind immediately because of the joy on her face. It's a lovely memory for me."

What do you want the rest of 2018 to be like?

 "I’d like it to be fun. You know people have new year's resolutions? I’ve never done new year's resolutions really, but I’ve done a take on it for the last couple of years where I’ve said to myself 'This will be the year of a particular thing, like this year is the year of action'. I’m not going to overthink stuff. I’m not going to be lethargic, I’m actually gonna do stuff instead of procrastinating."

What is something you wish you could say more often?

"I could express feeling in the moment more because we censor a lot. I wish I could be freer in my expression, rather than worrying how it's perceived. In the past, not so much now, I wish I could’ve said more openly if I was struggling with something. Or in general."

What would you change about the world right now?

 "The environment! And mental health services. Just sort it out. We know what's wrong, give it money, give it attention, and sort it out. Just get all that filth out of the ocean. And the mental health thing, just fund it ­— it's in line with physical health, its as important.’

What is something you wish people would ask you more often?

"I’ve got a parrot, would you like it?

"I really want a parrot. That would be wicked. An African grey so it would be smarter than me. Yeah, ‘Would you like a parrot?’, that’ll do."

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