THE ice cream man that has created a buzz across the UK has used his loyal customer base to raise money for Worcester based Leukaemia Care.

Mr Tee - King of Desserts used his network of six ice cream vans to collect money across the UK and raised a phenomenal amount of money in just 12 weeks.

After spotting the entrepreneurs booming popularity online, Leukaemia Care approached Tee Smith and his team about fundraising for the charity and the partnership began.

He met with the Leukaemia Care team, based on the Blackpole East estate, for a cheque presentation with some tasty treats for the charity staff team too.

Emily Sweeney, corporate partnerships officer said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mr Tee and his team, I am blown away by the amount of money they have raised. A huge thank you to them and their amazingly generous customers.”

Mr Tee said: "I am amazed at the generosity of all our amazing customers that donated to our charity collection tins placed on our counters when they were served at our vans. "

"I still cannot fathom that we as one, our company, our staff and our customers have together in just a short period of five weeks have raised a grand total of £2575.94

Last month we raised for the same cause a total of £1072.89p making a grand total donated in a three-month campaign of £3647.83.

That is just an out of this world total to have generated in such a small time! Our partnership with Leukaemia Care is now over and we look forward to having another arrangement with them at some point in the future”.